Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Equipment


Dissolved air floatation equipment is designed to allow uniform distribution of flow and microbubbles. Its 360 degree is a recognized space saving design of dissolved air floatation equipment which offers a small carbon footprint compared to other designs at same capacity. Besides, our dissolved air floatation equipment is applicable in wastewater treatment plants in various industries due to its flexible design of mechanical parts.

Dissolved air floatation equipment is recognised as an effective solution to wastewater treatment due to its ability to thicken sludge and remove contaminants like oil or grease from industrial wastewater. The dissolved air floatation equipment is especially suitable for the drinking water industry usage as well as for water treatment plants. Contact or make an appointment with us to find out more about our dissolved air floatation equipment.


  • Small foot print
  • Less maintenance required due to fewer wear parts
  • Less potential in carryover & short-circuiting
  • Effective floatation with high output
  • Low retention time

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