Leachate Waste Water Treatment


Leachate wastewater is a liquid that has passed through any matter or material like stockpiled material, land, or industrial waste which results in soluble or suspended solids being contained in the waste water. The harmful substances in leachate wastewater can be harmful to the environment if not treated properly. Leachate waste water treatment is a critical industrial method to treat leachate waste water so that the water can be safely discharged without harming the environment.

Albe Advance provides several treatment methods to treat leachate waste water including bioaugmentation wastewater treatment. This treatment method uses bacteria, nutrients, or microorganisms to improve catabolism of certain compounds or break down any organic pollutants as a solution to wastewater treatment. Bioaugmentation wastewater treatment has high potential to biologically treat wastewater.

With extensive experience in tackling challenges related to leachate wastewater, we employ diverse treatment methods. Our premier solution for this purpose is bioaugmentation wastewater treatment, tailored to address leachate wastewater efficiently. We encourage you to contact us or schedule an appointment to discover how our solutions can effectively treat your leachate wastewater.

Product Includes

  • Bio Nutrients
  • pH Control
  • Advance Oxidation
  • Coagulants and Flocculants
  • Dewatering Polymer
  • Membrane Protection

Return of Investment
  • Compliance to regulation requirements
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Prevention of Underground and Surface Water Pollution

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