RO Water Treatment System & Ion Exchange Resin


Reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system can remove harmful bacteria, microorganisms, undissolved and dissolved matter in water to produce high quality pure water. Consistent supply of high purity water to cater for the diverse needs in production or manufacturing processes are always a challenging task. Proper water treatment solutions like RO water treatment systems should be put in place to lower breakdown frequency and improve high purity water output by mitigating problems associated with minerals, foulants and microbes in water. Another way to treat water is by using ion exchange resin that involves anion and cation exchange resins. Ion exchange resin is used in the Malaysia market are mainly used for water softening or water purification and is a flexible alternative to RO water treatment system and RO chemicals. Ion exchange resin works by inducing a reversible chemical reaction to the water where dissolved ions are removed then replaced with other ions.

RO chemicals (Reverse osmosis chemicals) on the other hand helps to reduce impurities and contaminants from your system’s membrane. RO chemicals include antiscalant, acid membrane cleaners,  alkaline membrane cleaners, and more.

Albe Advance is dedicated to delivering high-quality Reverse Osmosis water treatment solutions and ion exchange resin that cater to the needs of various industries in Malaysia. Kindly contact us to explore our extensive range of water treatment products, which includes softening, demineralisation and RO water treatment systems.

RO Water Treatment & Ion Exchange Resin

  • Range of Anionic & Cationic Resin
  • Antiscalant
  • Acid Membrane Cleaner
  • Alkaline Membrane Cleaner
  • Microbiocide

Return of Investment
  • High Quality Process Water Supply
  • Minimize Scaling Tendency
  • Prolong Membrane Durability
  • Reduce Cleaning Frequency
  • Reduce Fouling Potential

Track Records

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