Once-Through Cooling Tower Water Treatment


Cooling tower water treatment is used for industrial companies that have some type of cooling tower at its facility. The cooling tower water treatment is performed to ensure that biological growth, corrosion, deposition, scaling, or harmful substances are treated to prevent reduced productivity and costly replacements in the future.

The type of cooling tower water treatment and equipment you need depends on the type of cooling tower you have and the water composition. A basic cooling tower water treatment includes employing microbiocide, microbiocide, molluscicide, or dispersants.

Albe Advance offers quality and advanced cooling tower water treatment systems necessary to ensure equipment has a longer service life. A custom cooling water treatment equipment may also be needed as each cooling tower water treatment for different facilities is unique due to the water source. Each cooling tower also has distinct operating conditions including the size, flow, metal used in construction, temperature, and many more. Albe Advance has decades of experience in cooling tower water treatment and equipment to provide effective water treatment solutions that fit your needs.

Product Includes

  • Microbiocide
  • Macrobiocide
  • Molluscicide
  • Dispersant cum Penetrant

Return of Investment
  • Prevent microorganism growth along water passage that restrict proper water flow.
  • Upkeep condenser heat exchange efficiency by providing adequate vacuum to drive turbine.

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