Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems & Enzyme Water Treatment


Industrial processes produce effluents that can pose potential environmental and human health risk into which it is discharged. The risks involve contamination of water resources, destruction of land and marine habitats, harm to the natural environment and increased health risk from heavy metals poisoning, cancers and other chronic diseases. These consequences need to be mitigated to protect our natural environment for future generations.

At Albe Advance, we conduct careful assessment of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the effluents to deliver a cost-effective effluent treatment system to ensure environmental legislation compliance by using customized effluent treatment systems like enzyme water treatment which uses enzyme to treat wastewater.

Effluent Treatment Program

  • Coagulant
  • Flocculant
  • Antifoaming Agents
  • Heavy Metal Precipitant
  • Biological Product
  • Bacteria Booster
  • Enzyme Water Treatment

Return of Investment
  • Discharge Compliance
  • Elevate Corporate Image
  • Capitalize on renewable energy
  • Manage Unnecessary Environmental Risks
  • Minimize Disposal Fees

Track Records

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