Paint Sludge Treatment


Paint sludge treatment is used to treat paint sludge wastewater which originates from the assembly line spray painting operations in metal finishing for appliances, automotive parts, motors, and etc. Paint sludge treatment is needed for the oversprayed paint from the spray painting process that uses either solvent based or water-based paint collected by a water curtain. The overspray paint in the water curtain must be recovered and removed to protect both equipment and spray painting system from fouling as well as preventing it from harming the natural environment.

Our paint sludge treatment includes paint flocculants and paint detackifier. Employing paint flocculants allow solvent or water based paint to float which can be then removed easily. Paint detackifier on the other hand treats paint sludge by making it less tacky using specific chemical reactions hence allowing us to remove the paint sludge from water.

Albe Advance provides customized paint sludge treatment, paint detackification, and paint flocculation programs to the industry for optimizing paint recovery and prolong spray painting system lifespan. Contact us or make an appointment to know more about our paint sludge treatment.

Paint Sludge Treatment Products

  • Paint Detackifier
  • Paint Flocculant

Return of Investment
  • Superior detackification
  • Greater paint solids recovery
  • Generate lesser, drier and denser sludge with higher BTU

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