Raw Water Treatment Plant Equipment


Water treatment plant equipment is used for treating raw water before being used as makeup water in utility processes. Makeup water from raw water treatment supply might originate from many sources, including rivers, lakes, underground water, tube wells, and etc. Removal of suspended solids, silica, iron, hardness, and microbes are always a concern for the quality and reliability of raw water treatment.

Water treatment system for your plant is important to prevent risk of scaling, corrosion, organic growth, and other problems which may cause expensive maintenance and costly repairs later on. Having a proper water treatment equipment at your plant also prolongs the service life of your other equipment as well as saving your water costs in the long run.

We aim to enhance the value of your system by ensuring a continuous supply of clean and treated raw water without any compromise. As a high-quality softener resin supplier, our advanced water treatment improvement program and equipment offer a highly efficient clarification process, eliminating various impurities. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive water treatment process.

Raw Water Treatment Products

  • Anionic Flocculant
  • Cationic Flocculant
  • Non-ionic Flocculant
  • Inorganic Coagulant
  • Organic Coagulant
  • Heavy Metal Removal
  • Disinfectant solutions

Return of Investment
  • Water Cost Saving
  • Elimination of Taste, Color and Odor
  • Removal of Excess Turbidity
  • Removal of Heavy Metal
  • Reduced Sludge Disposal Cost
  • Elimination of Harmful Bacteria

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