IETS Discharge Recycle and Reuse Solution


Today, the strongly prominent problem of water scarcity has become a threat to achieve sustainable development. Water reuse has gained popularity to combat this problem, with its potential to improve the state of the environment by:

1)reducing pollutants that IETS transfers to the water bodies, and

2)reducing resources consumption.

One of the most critical steps in any reuse program is to protect the public health, especially that of workers and consumers. Critical parameters such as suspended solids (SS), total nitrogen (TN2), total phosphorus (TP), color, odor, and any infectious agents or pathogenic organisms present in the water may cause health hazard. Thus, these reuse water must be adequately treated to meet “fit-for-purpose specifications” before a particular next use.

With our expertise and decades of experience in the wastewater treatment industry, we were able to provide solutions through creative and cost-effective treatment methods for reuse purposes.

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Recycled IETS Discharge can be used for:

– Process water such as boiler make-up & cooling water make-up.

– Irrigation for agriculture.

– Irrigation for landscaping.

– Indoor uses such as toilet flushing, floor washing.

– Concrete mixing and other construction processes.

– Environmental restoration.

IETS Discharge Recycle and Reuse Treatment Products

  • Disinfectant / Chemicals
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Multimedia / Activated Carbon Filter
  • Cartridge Filter

Return of Investment
  • Meet ESG goal.
  • Reduce freshwater dependency

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