Membrane Bio Reactor Wastewater Treatment


Need to increase waste water capacity but facing space constraint?

Membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment helps to increase biological capacity without additional space or footprint. Our membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment uses a hollow fibre membrane made from Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) with micropore size which allows it to have high tensile strength and high chemical resistance. With membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment, you can remove secondary clarifier and filtration systems, hence obtaining a smaller footprint compared to conventional Activated Sludge Reactor.

The membrane bio reactor uses a membrane to act as a filter for solid or organic particles which allows them to be removed from the water. Membrane bioreactor produces a higher quality of water that is more clarified and clean, making it suitable to reclaim the wastewater for reuse. Contact or make an appointment with us to know more about our membrane bioreactor.


  • Ease of maintenance
  • Small foot print
  • Better water quality to reclaim waste water for reuse
  • Ability to run at high flux

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